Ciciban children’s footwear is made of natural leather , which is treated in an environmentally friendly way and dyed with natural water-soluble paints. For the youngest, they make a line of children’s footwear for “ first steps “. This line is distinguished by a flexible sole and the softest natural leather for reliable steps. Also soft line is Softy , which is hand-sewn footwear for a perfect fit for a child’s foot. In addition to Ciciban footwear, the company also produces and markets THE NEXT brand footwear. This brand is intended for everyone who has outgrown Ciciban’s children’s footwear numbers. Miren is known as a place with a rich shoemaking tradition. In the spirit of the old shoemaking tradition of the place and the Petejan family , the basic guideline of the company is “quality and modern shoe design”. The mission of the family business is to continue, preserve and upgrade the shoemaking tradition of Pavel Petejan. A representative and co-founder of the company, who outlined the basic guidelines for making children’s shoes with the words: “ We will make marcedes for children’s feet.” In 2014, Ciciban received the title of Best Buy Award, which is an international recognition and is awarded to products and services that offer the best value for money.

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